Avoid SEO Mistakes with these 5 Steps.

Avoid SEO Mistakes with these 5 Steps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not hard. it is the step by step process to organically rank your website higher.

Ideally, you will try and optimise your website to a very high standard and be strong on many of the variables. so that when Google does an update you are less likely to feel the effects of such changes.

Recent years ( April 2012 ) was the start of it. Google released what is known as the Penguin update. which targeted spammers and those who use link building software and millions of websites were affected.

Since then there has been a range of Panda and Penguin updates which make SEO more difficult for those who look to take shortcuts.


1. Optimise website Information Architecture

We need to optimise the website effectively that means it needs to be properly structured. There must be no broken links and optimised images for faster load speed.

2. Remove duplicated content

Make sure you use your own fresh content, not the duplicate one or copied from the Internet as Google Bots will surely catch it and will rank your website very low so you will not be able to show your business site to anybody anytime in the future.

3. Update Google My Business

You need to upload your business or services to Google My Business

Also, You need to upload your Sitemaps on Google Search Console.

You also need to use Google Analytics to check the performance of your website. It also tells you about the customer behaviour on your website

4. Get your keyword research right

Keywords are the most important and essential part of while doing SEO for your websites. Your choice of keywords will help Google Bots to know what exact products Service or Information you have.

For Instance, If anyone searches their query on google with keywords that you have already selected then Your chances to reach that potential customer increases.

You can use Moz or Semrush for keywords Research. Also, You can use Google Ads Keywords for keywords research.

5. Use best-practice linking strategy

You need to create a lot of backlinks to get good rankings for your website.

As these backlinks create the organic juice for your website. Again you can use tools like MOZ PRO for that.

Final thoughts

SEO Optimisation is not a day’s job. One needs to work daily for SEO practice on their websites to use SEO effectively

Let us be your Digital partner and rest will be assured by us.

All you need to take stress about is your engagement with the customer over chats and calls effectively about your products and services.


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