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We all know how this COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. nearly every country in the world touched by this pandemic. it changed the behaviour of consumers. so business strategy also needs a fresh change.

Ad Campaign

After search volume and conversion rates decreased sharply in the U.S. and certain areas internationally (Italy, China, South Korea, India) in mid-March. it started to slowly increase the last two weeks of March and into early April.

Google Display and video (YouTube) ads are doing exceptionally well in performance during the pandemic. Our current clients have seen click-through rates increase on the same ads and conversion rate increase while costs per-click have decreased by more than 50%.

Social Ad Campaign

The clients of ours that have been most successful during the COVID-19 pandemic have been flexible and made changes to their business offerings and ad messaging.


An education client of ours is now offering online courses worldwide for the first time.

An association client is not advertising for memberships currently and has made much of their online continuing education free to the public. They are spending their advertising budget to spread the word about their free courses and industry updates on the pandemic.

Event advertisers and businesses that rely on trade shows for B2B marketing are starting to get into digital marketing for virtual events.

Ad Platform

Ad platform representatives are recommending that our clients keep advertising but to do so in a way that’s sensitive and responsive to the pandemic.

Advertising should convey a sense of security and optimism, and even some normalcy in areas that have not changed.

Advertising messages related to COVID-19 are welcome but so is an escape from reality. Be careful that you don’t appear to be insensitive or taking advantage of the current environment.

Don’t use words like “contagious, infectious, viral, gather, event, spread, killer deal”. Produce content that helps people feel joy and comfort and also keeps people educated and in the know.

Changes in Ad Platforms.

Major ad platforms are stepping in with programs to help out small businesses who are struggling during this time. Facebook is offering cash grants and ad credits to small businesses and will start accepting applications soon.

Similarly, Google Ads is offering ad credits to small businesses that are already customers–no application needed.

Both platforms have excellent resource centres for businesses that are struggling and advice on trends that they are seeing on their platforms (Google, Facebook).

Online Ads

There have also been some changes to the marketing platforms themselves. All are warning of longer waits for ad approvals and support due to staffing shortages.

Facebook stopped allowing advertisers to optimize store visits to keep people healthy. Google is making sure that businesses know to update their Google My Business account information like store hours to make sure customers stay informed.

With Uncertainty, also come Opportunities.

This is an uncertain time for consumers, businesses, and marketers. But, with uncertainty, also come opportunities. that can be found by taking a deep dive into your data and finding what is working and what is not working in your vertical.

With the help of an agency, you can develop a detailed, flexible strategy for as long as this situation continues. If you’re looking for a team to help you with this, contact us. We’re the experts.

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